General Questions

Have you authorized the people you want to receive pictures from?
No? Read “How do I authorize others to send me pictures”
Yes? Is your contact sending pictures with the email address you authorized? You can check this in your contact list. If your contact is using a different email address you can add a second or a third address. To add another email address go to “How do I add another email address to my contact?” Is your contact using the correct FamilyLOOPED email address? Check your unique address under the account button. Go to settings > account.
Did your contact use the correct email address? Check if you are in fact connected to the internet. If you are connect to the internet and your contact is using the correct email address please contact FamilyLOOPED by sending an email to If your contact has used the wrong email address simply inform your contact and give him the correct email address.
Go to Settings and choose contacts. In the upper right corner you will find an add button +. If you want to add contacts from your tablet contact list press “add from contacts”. You will find this button in the lower right corner.
Go to > Settings and choose contacts. Select the contact you want to change, delete or add an email address to. Choose "+ add email address". If you want to delete a contact simply select the contact and press "delete contact". Simply answer "yes" if you want to delete the contact and the contact will be deleted.
Yes you can! Go to > Settings and choose > photos. You will find all the pictures sent by your contacts. In de upper right corner you will find the add button +. When you press this button you will see the albums that are stored on your tablet and which you can choose from.
To remove a picture from the LOOP simply go to Setting > and choose photos. You will find all the pictures that your contacts have sent to you. Choose the pictures you want to remove from the LOOP. When you select a picture to be removed or deleted there will appear a mark on the picture so you can see which pictures you have selected. In the bottom right corner there will appear a bin. Simple select the bin and your pictures will be removed from the LOOP. When you remove the picture from the LOOP it doesn’t automatically delete the picture from your tablet. When you go to the picture storage on your tablet you will find the FamilyLOOPED album. There your pictures are being saved. So if, in the future, you want to add the picture you can.
If you don’t remember your password simply click on the link beneath the log in box. Enter your own private email address. You will receive an email with instructions. When you register at FamilyLOOPED you will be asked to enter your own private email address. You can change your email address at any given time. Go to > Settings and choose account. When you select your email address you can change it. Press "change email address" to connect your new email address to your account.
Go to > Settings and choose account. Select "change password" a new screen will pop up in which you can change your password.
FamilyLOOPED is a transparent company, therefor we do not save or store the pictures externally on a server. As soon as FamilyLOOPED has downloaded the pictures from the service it will automatically erase the pictures from the server and stall them on your tablet. This way the pictures will remain private.